Casualties of War

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The Aurora is a heavily adapted variant of the Perseus and the old Valkyrie class interceptors. Although similar in performance - albeit slightly faster -the Aurora is purpose built to use 30% less hanger space - extremely useful for the cramped Agamenmon fighterbay.



The Daedalus was developed by the GTVI as combat-efficient stealth fighter, with better armour and weaponry than the Ptah or Pegasus class. Unfortunately, the Stealth system is somewhat flawed, only giving full protection when the fighter is stationary and 'powered down' - making is unsuitable for covert insertion in 'hot' zones for recon. Nevertheless, the Daedalus' superb maneuverability and agility, coupled with it's steath capabilities, make it an excellent fighter for ambushes.





Pheobus was purpose built to carry the latest Anti-matter based bombs. It's heavily shielded secondary banks allow it to carry the most powerful weapons known to the alliance - including the devastating Tomahawk Missile.



The Scimitar is the most advanced bomber ever created by the GTVA. A direct result of the Pegasus project, the Scimitar uses stealth technology to allow it launch sneak attacks of unsuspecting enemy cruisers. The Scimitar has been assigned to select SOC units for hit and run attacks in enemy territory.



The Blade is the first of the next generation class of warships employed by the allaince. The old crusers carried too little firepower to cope with newer and larger warships, and didn't perform satisfactory against fighters either, so a newer and larger class of warships were produced - the battlecruiser. Larger then a cruiser but smaller than a corvette, a battlecruiser combines the best from both. It has enough speed, firepower and armor to be a great asset on the battlefield.



The Agamenmon class destroyer was designed by the GTVI as a light stealth frigate, carrying a number of covert infiltration & scouting wings. After the initial prototype was destroyed in the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis by a Ravana, the design was revised to a heavier ship, to cope with the greater threats presented by the larger Shivan capital ships. The Agamenmon is operated by the SOC as a mobile headquarters for covert operations. By powering down a number of subsystems, the Agamenmon can go into 'silent running' - near invisible to enemy sensors. In addition, an on-board AWACS system is able to jam enemy transmissions, and reveal enemy stealth fighters. 5 of these destroyers Were built - the GTD Ironheart, GTD Cyclone, GTD Tornado, GTD Hurricane, and GTD Tempest. The locations of all 5 are classified.



As the largest carrier in existance, mesuring at 3850 meters, the Galaxy is a sight to behold. It can carry three times as many fighters as a standard destroyer and as such is a highly usefull military tool. It's armor is considerable for a carrier, and it's anti-fighter defences are formidable as well. However, the anti-capital firepower wielded is rather low, even compared to older destroyers.



The GTCa Warlock-class supercarrier is one of the largest space-faring warships ever constructed. Over 4.8 kilometers long, its vast hangar can accommodate 100 wings of fighters and bombers. In addition, the Warlock is armed with the most advanced GTVA beam weaponry, enabling it to engage several hostile destroyers at once. Three Warlocks have been assigned as flagships to the 2nd Fleet in Delta Serpentis, the 4th Fleet in Vega and the 5th Fleet in Beta Aquilae. Another two are under construction in Delta Serpentis.



The Gallileo, while having superior armor and firepower to the Faustus, allso had reduced sensor range and resolution. As a result, the GTVA started the development of a new science vessel. The Gallileo 2 is 560 meters long and has impressive sensor equiment, while at the same time offering the armor and firepower of most cruisers at allmost no speed cost.